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Tips For Using Support

  1. Copy and save your ticket number
  2. All tickets are answered within 34 hours - usually much faster
  3. If you don't see our email respomse log in and check your ticket
  4. Don't open multiple tickets for the same query
  5. Answered ticjets are marked as closed after 3 days with no further communication
  6. Tickets are not deleted - only closed. So you can view them at any time using your ticket number
  7. Give full information when requesting help. e.g. not "I can't log in!" but I can't log in at this page (add URL) and any error message you receive. The more complete the information we receive the beteer the answer we can provide!
  8. Remember we work with a number of opportunities so select the one you are asking about from the category drop down menu

Thanks for hrlping us help you!

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