Verification is important to protect individual members and the community against fraud and claims of money laundering.

You must be Staking a Pool to submit for verification.

Please read this completely and make sure you have the 3 required documents ready and that they are clear, legible and correct. You will be able to upload them from your back office and get a fast acceptance or rejection.

We are no longer accepting KYC applications here because we have a new and improved system available to you. Nor can we offer assistance with verification here or search and remove your uploads. The ONLY way to be verified is to use the system from your member dashboard correctly.

1. Photo ID must have a clear image and be an official document/card..

2. Selfie must allow a comparison of your face with the image on the ID which must be the same as the photo ID submitted separately in step 1 above.

3. The address document must bear YOUR name as on the ID and residential address (Not a PO Box) and have a date not older than 3 months. It should show the complete page of the document and be clear and legible. You can use any official document you have received or even get a notarised statement of your address if you don't have any other options.

There are 2 levels of KYC

1. Basic this is simply a verification of your identity and requires 2 separate documents to be uploaded.

The first must be a government picture id and....
the second must be a selfie of you holding that same ID close to your face so that it can be verified as your own ID.

Once completed and accepted you will be able to make withdrawals of up to $150 a month.

2. Address verification which is proof of your residential address. This must be provided in the form of a full document showing all corners and must be clearly readable. The document must contain your name as shown in the ID, the address completed in your profile and must be dated within the last 3 months. Once completed and accepted you will be allowed to withdraw any amount each month as stipulated in the Withdrawal Rules on the main website.

Documents uploaded may be in the for of .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .pdf

Verification can take several days, so after submitting please remain patient, we are planning on helping you and your family for generations and so a few days is of no consequence.

God bless,

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