Nest Egg Wallet

Purchases of the current Nest Egg Offer in our WESA Strategy located here  is a manual addition to your wallet balance and so please allow time to see the credit on your dashboard. This is a lengthy process and so just be patient, submit only one ticket per transaction and stay informed on the live updates each day.

If you have submitted a form with a valid TXID your Tokens will be showing in your nest egg wallet within 76 hours. If there is no valid TXID or a purchase using Coinpayments timed out you will receive an email informing you of the fact.

Do not reply to the email as it will not receive a response! Submit a new form with a valid TXID and your purchase will be processed.

There is a short video here showing how to retrieve and test a Waves Transfer TXID.

 "Nest Egg Wallet"

This has been added so that we can achieve several goals...
1. Raise funds for administration,
2 Raise funds for charitable works and
3. Raise funds for additional member benefits
4. Allow members to accumulate WESA Tokens at favorable rates to create a strong asset base (Nest Egg) for their future.

It has always been our intention to raise funds in this way rather than flooding the exchanges with tokens and this has been a clear objective that has been communicated on many occasions. This is definitely not for instant profits and any tokens purchased will be subject to a 6-month hold before being released into your WSA WESA Wallet. From there the ability to cash in on these Tokens will depend on the liquidity at the time. It is accepted that liquidity will take time to build, but also expected that it will improve each month sometimes gradually and sometimes much faster. We aim to have perfect liquidity (when any amount of WESA Tokens can be exchanged quickly and at high value) within 2 to 3 years. This will not be an instant jump but a steady progression with liquidity improving gradually and continuously.

The terms of any offers for Nest Egg purchases will be announced as and when available and based on the Tokens available. The offers will only be available to Elite Members as Staking Pools is of prime importance to members' welfare ahead of building for the future.
Please understand that in taking up Nest Egg offers members will not only be helping themselves to secure a strong future but also helping the community to prosper and grow.
That said, we do not need the Nest Egg to progress so it is not important whether we sell no Tokens or all Tokens on offer; It is simply that our progress, growth, and liquidity will be speeded by any sales made.

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