Refunds for OnPassive Founders (

NOTE: This must not be used to entice OnPassive members into WSA and any member linking us in any way to OnPassive will be removed from WSA with a total loss of all benefits.

Please note that this is only be available to Elite Members.

If you are an OnPassive Founder you can claim a rebate for your fee of $97 prior to soft launch and what I understand will be $149 after soft launch. This is available to all WSA Elite members regradless of when you paid OP or who sponsored you.

To make a claim all we need is your WSA username and your #33 referral  link submitted to the correct category (OnPassive Receipts ) in the desk. Submissions in the wrong category will be deleted.

After soft launch we will also need an official receipt if you paid more than $97 and if not received payment will be automatically made at $97.

This is yet another gift from WSA and patience should be used if waiting for your rebate which will be paid to your US$ Wallet.

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