This is support for We Share Abundance

Please read this page BEFORE submitting a ticket.

Understand that we are in Beta Pre-launch and the reason for this is to find bugs and improve systems so that we can meet the demand that will certainly come in the next few months and beyond.

We are not perfect by any means and response times may be slow to tickets submitted with priority given to tasks in the following order...

  1. Deposit request processed

  2. Withdrawal requests processed

  3. Email verification queries resolved. 

  4. General Support Requests


PLEASE DO NOR SUBMIT KYC tickets - we are building a new and very much improved system for KYC which we hope will be available by 21st October and at that time any existing requests in support will be deleted. We already have a huge backlog and it may not be possible to clear what we have before the new system is implemented. The new system will enable us to approve or decline applications quickly and to keep applications really up to date. Just get your files ready to upload once the new format is uploaded and do not submit them here now!

What we are doing is going to change millions of lives for the better, helping fight poverty on a global scale and we are glad to have you with us as pioneers on this epic journey. 

Remembere that EVERYTHING you get here is FREE, so PLEASE have patience in all your dealings here, we are on a mission for generations and not building some short term bizop

There is nothing to buy and Staking a Pool is NOT a purchase, it is the equivalent of placing cash in a Bank Account but much more profitable; the cash is ALWAYS yours and may be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

OCTOBER 1st WESA Transactions - there seem to have been a number of staking transactions that were calculated at the wrong rate for some reason - we are tracking this down and will make corrections on Monday 5th October. Please refrain from submitting tickets about this matter.

There is a link below for the help desk but before using please Read the FAQ Page of the website where most of your questions will be answered.

Please first read the Knowledge Base and then only submit a ticket if your qustions are not answered there or on the FAQ Page of the website.

Tickets that have the answers in either of these two  locations will be ignored, and tickets submitted to the wrong category will be delayed and moved to the bottom of the pile.

Do NOT submit multiple or unnecessary tickets as this delays answers for everyone, always make a note of your ticket ID and if you do not see any email updates you can visit the desk and check on your ticket's status.

For the Knowledgebase (which contains information on the KYC requirements) click here